International Religious Travel

world painting

As our world becomes smaller and we engage in a global conversation, Unitarian Universalism can offer an important message to the world.  But not if we stay within our own world!  We are a powerful people with a rare religious ethic of coexistence and dialogue.  It should be our honor to offer our ideas and values to the global conversation about religion, climate justice, worship, love, laws, education, human rights, and sacredness.

I personally have cast my net wide so that I can move comfortably in inter-religious dialogue.  I received a B.A. in Religious studies in Buddhism and Islam, attended a radical Christian seminary with a history of global perspectives, and am intimately connected to Judaism and Catholicism through close friends and family.  I will expect any congregation I serve to be engaged with and open to dialogue with willing partners. These connections will build community, strengthen ties across privileges, and create a more supportive network that encourages thriving and beauty.