Rose’s journals. This private and handwritten body of work began in 2nd grade.


The Belief in Words

In seminary, I was taught that writing is a flawed endeavor – that we can write all the words we want but ultimately never find the perfect ones to talk about the divine.  I was taught that of course we never reach it; we could never fully describe God.  For, God is omni-present paradoxical perfection and we mere earthen slugs slithering in place on a sandy rock cliff in humiliating, fleshen desperation.  

But how could I go on, deadening the power of words?  Simple sentences have changed my life.

When I write, I am zeroing in.  Just two words, two perfect little animals strung together, can triangulate any mind; lazering out from two carefully plotted angles towards the treasure of a new thought.  A word can change an entire mind, transform the way we do everything we do, shift the entire world.  I believe that we can most certainly talk about that which is perfect, it is in fact our honor and duty to use words with belief in their power.