“I asked Rose to lead the Prayer in the service with some regularity, and she always did it beautifully. Her prayers were moving and down to earth – not flowery, but real and connected. There were often tears in people’s eyes when she prayed.”   -Rev. Ana Levy-Lyons


Meditation on Breathing

girl in forest



“You make that plea, you let your heart pour out.  You just say please, please, please.  And then, slowly, slowly, your heart will warm, and you will see some beauty in yourself.”







Mother’s Day Prayer

Arthur and Mom






“You that is the root of all this, you who are the chain of ancestors that trace back to our unknown beginning, when we first grew on this fertile earth in the lightlessness of space,

We are humbled by you.”





Memorial Day Prayer




“Come in, peacefulness, and teach us to breathe, teach us to trust again, teach us to lay our bodies down at night and get good rest.”



Two Short Prayers

star dreamer


“Come in, spirit of strength, come in, and strengthen our bodies that we may live another day.  Come in, spirit of softness, and show us how to be both strong and soft.”