Rose at age 5, beginning a her life of cello playing. Rose now gives cello lessons for reduced fee to children in her area.

Rose at age 5, beginning her life of cello playing. 

Knitting and paper arts

Rose’s brother, Arthur, in a sweater she knit for him. Notice the ring of trucks below the collar – Arthur’s daughter is especially interested in trucks.


A page from a zine made by Rose about a movement class she took at Seminary.


Love of Animals

Rose with her cat, Dusky.  


Expedition Camping

Rose at at a river crossing on a 40-day trip to the Arctic. Rose went on this trip with 4 other young women.



Cooking for UU Summer Camps


Cookie towers

Cookie towers for the youth campers at the Rowe UU summer camp in Massachusetts.  


 Living a joyful, happy life.
Rose with wine

Rose at her birthday party in the park in Manhattan, NY.


Find photos of Rose’s family here.