Memorial Day Prayer

Memorial Day Prayer

Come in, peacefulness, come in to us today, and rest in our hearts.

Come in, and help us to live into the present moment, help us shed out all the baggage we’ve carried here with us today.

Come in, and nestle into our palms and remind us to take deep breaths.

Come in, and be with us in the moment of reverence.

Today, we are especially thinking of all people who have been involved in wars in our country. We know that for anyone who has experienced such a thing, every day is memorial day. But today, we hold all those who have struggled with PTSD or thoughts of suicide in our hearts, all the people who are grieving losses because of war.

And, we think of all the people who are still in war torn countries, our brothers and sisters who live in realities that most of us have the luxury of only imaging. May this be violence be resolved swiftly and reparations given to all who have suffered at the hands of unjust powers. May peace be restored immediately all over our beautiful home the earth.

And for anyone here to fights a war in their own heart, with thoughts or emotions whose waves are too strong to handle, we hold you in our hearts and hope that you will share your struggle so that this sacred community can better support you.

Come in, peacefulness, and teach us to breathe, teach us to trust again, teach us to lay our bodies down at night and get good rest.